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Global reach

Receive calls where ever you are, on whatever device you want at any time. recomm connects people, not handsets.

Smart scheduling

Manage call-group rostering with Google Calender integration to provide automatic sign-on/sign-off with manual agent override.

Smart routing

Build dynamic routing plans, IVRs and sophisticated, integrated, telephony applications. Disaster recovery built-in with all plans.

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We are recomm

From a new startup with one person, to teams big and small, to companies bringing cloud services to customers traveling beyond the reach of the Internet, recomm brings reliable, flexible, endlessly configurable telephony within reach.

recomm enables your telephony solutions to connect customers to your systems, staff and services in ways hitherto inaccessible to those without deep pockets. From a virtual PBX with calendar-driven routing, through to integration with web services, recomm creates opportunities to connect. Try it now! We'll be on hand to help you every step of the way.

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All calls come to you

recomm routes calls to a person, and you can switch between phones, say from your mobile to a landline, as easily as tapping a button in our UI. No signal at grandma's house? Quickly route all calls to her home phone.

Menus, text and messages

Do you want to route callers to the right department or team? Perhaps you need to send a text alert if no one answered? And take a message, of course, with email notification to the relevant parties. Menus and more, right now with recomm.

Small business, big business?

Anna runs a new startup business with a friend, and she wants to receive calls on multiple numbers (UK, US and French numbers, and a support line...) She wants to track those calls, and present an interactive voice menu. Most of all, she wants to do all of this without having an office and still have only one phone in her pocket.

With recomm Anna can purchase, manage and organise all of her numbers in one place. Each number has a call application customised to her requirements, can take messages and route to her colleague according to need and time of day. They schedule who is available to take calls through their Google Calendar which integrates with recomm.

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Support around the clock

James runs a small development team in a larger company. Their work is critical to business continuity and at least one of the development team is always on call to provide technical support 24/7/365.

Their old support phone is getting cranky and frequently gets forgotten at home, in a taxi or elsewhere. recomm allows the team to dispense with the phone and quickly set up a flexible routing system that ensures calls are always directed to the on-call person. Manual overrides make it easy for one person to hand over to another when needed, and the system cascades to a backup person if the first is unavailable. If no one answers, a message is taken and all parties are notified by email. If the on-call person needs to take calls on another device, switching over takes seconds.

Google Calendar rostering makes it easy to see who is on-call and doesn't impose yet another tool on the team. James is happy because a cost effective cloud solution requires no input from procurement and he can be up and running in minutes.

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Flying high with recomm

Andy runs a busy flying school from his local airfield. Every day new students call for information, and people with booked lessons check in to confirm that conditions are safe to fly.

This can mean a lot of calls coming to Andy's mobile at the very time when he's busiest at the airfield preparing for the day ahead. With recomm, students call one number to hear an automated voice read out the conditions for the day. Andy writes the script in his web site's CMS - the same message appears on his website. Once written, the new content is automatically played to callers and they know they will get an answer without disturbing Andy.

When Andy is teaching, recomm routes calls to his colleagues. More bookings are made, and fewer wasted journeys when the weather turns sour.

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